COVID-19 brought several challenges to the cultural sector that saw their operations been strongly affected by the pandemic crisis. In order to respond to these challenges, Digital Theatre project aims to provide digital skills to theatre professionals (and other professionals interested in theatre on a professional and non-professional level), helping them to remain active, market-relevant and maintain their theatrical operations as usual.


In order to ensure the resilience, continuity and progress of the theatre sector, Digital Theatre project intends to provide to theatre professionals and non-professionals a set of tools that allow them to transform their art into a digital context. The following outputs are expected:


IO1: Guide and training programme on digitally native theatre

IO2: Contextualization of the Digital Theatre Methodology and training curriculum to theatre professionals

IO3: Digitalization of learning programme

IO4: Digital Theatre Guide for Non-Professionals

IO5: Creation of a Digital Theatre Resource Platform


Coordinated by Artit London Lda. (UK), this project integrates four other partners: Mentortec (Portugal), Associacio La Xixa Teatre (Spain), Synthesis Center For Research And Education Limited (Cyprus), and Kentro Merimnas Oikogeneias Kai Paidiou (Greece).


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