BE PART – Youth Led Development for Schools’ Participatory Management


BE PART aims to develop, implement and evaluate an innovative participatory youth approach to be implemented in regular schools, fostering inclusive education while promoting citizenship competences and youth empowerment.

The innovative participatory youth approach that will be designed in the BE PART project relies on the youth-led development concept, which places the youth at the center of their own change, development and growth. This will be made by challenging students, ageing between 13-15 years old with disadvantaged backgrounds, to take part of the process of decision-making of their schools and, by this way, acquire and/or develop their civic competencies, empowerment and, ultimately, their social inclusion.

Considering that students will be in the center of their learning and that the project is based in the implementation of models for youth participation in the school context, besides technical and subjects-related competencies, BE PART project will also contribute to the acquisition, development and/or strengthen of the 4 key-competencies that are part of the citizenship education:

  1. Interacting effectively and constructively with others;
  2. Thinking critically;
  3. Acting in a socially responsible manner;
  4. Acting democratically.

The project relies on five main concepts and methodologies: 1. Youth-led development; 2. Models of youth participation; 3. Co-creation process; 4. Project-based learning (PBL); 5. Youth empowerment; that combined, will assure the innovation on the promotion of the acquisition and development of students’ civic competencies.

Mentortec role:

  1. Responsible for the overall operational and financial management of the project (WP7);
  2. Leader of the Policy recommendations for youth led (WP4);
  3. Leader of the communication, dissemination and exploitation (WP5);
  4. Support the implementation of the WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP6 activities.
  5. Hosting the KoM