Acceleration Program

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What about the Acceleration Program of new entrepreneurial projects of technology-based designed by MentorTec?

In last June, it came to an end the 2nd edition of the “Workshops for start-ups and young entrepreneurs” implemented in the framework of the ACELERA+ – Programme for the Acceleration of Entrepreneurial Projects. This highly successful initiative is integrated in the ACELERA+ a programme of the UATEC – Unidade de Transferência de Tecnologia da Universidade de Aveiro[1] under the Programme for the Acceleration of Entrepreneurial Projects. This initiative is basically a package of training and specialized consulting for young entrepreneurs of 25-35 years old, graduates, with a business idea/plan well defined and matured and which desires to move forward to the market and it was promoted by Mentortec in partnership with UATEC.

The main focus of these workshops was on the acceleration and maturation of an existent business idea/plan or enterprise, promoting its development and market entry, namely by:

• Providing basic knowledge, skills and competences to young entrepreneurs to support the promotion and development of their business ideas and enterprises, in its different phases, having as focus the launch of the business/enterprise at the market;

• Delivering adequate support and consultancy for the definition and validation of business ideas/services/products of young entrepreneurs in a context of the global market;

• Potentiating the setting-up and survival of businesses and start-ups promoted by young entrepreneurs in a highly competitive market.

The partnership between UATEC and Mentortec t revealed to be crucial to the high success of these workshops, which counts already with two editions!

Further information about this initiative can be found here: (available in Portuguese).

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