The success of the Mentoring Circle for Entrepreneurs!

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It ended on the first week of December of 2015, the successful Mentoring Circle for Entrepreneurs held by Mentortec in Matosinhos – Portugal. This mentoring circle was structured in three main sessions focused on self-reflexion, self-evaluation and on sharing of challenges and experiences between entrepreneurs and it involved 5 experienced entrepreneurs with successful business running.

The main challenge of this circle was to support the participating entrepreneurs to think about and explore the challenges that they are facing at this moment in their business and, at the same time, analyse and discuss those challenges and possible solutions with the colleagues of the mentoring circle. At the same time, all participants were requested to provide feedback related to the challenges and possible solutions of the other colleagues and based on the results of this discussion in circle, each entrepreneur was then challenge to define their goals and action plan for the future.

The overall feedback from entrepreneurs was quite positive and all mentioned that their participation in the Mentoring Circle for Entrepreneurs was essential for the improvement of their business. The group will meet once again in three months in order to check the achievement of the goals that each of them defined at the end of this circle.

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