COMINN – Competences for innovation in the metal sector

Within the metal sector there is a new reality marked by the globalization of the economy, the dynamism of markets and the ongoing introduction of new technologies in business processes. These changes have stimulated the organizational flexibility and the appearance of lineal structures in which the functional mobility and employability are basic. In this new scenario, metal workers have to develop a range of skills and competencies related to innovation to respond to the new demands and develop new levels of competitiveness.

COMINN aims to valorize the results of TOOLS TRAINING project which develops educational materials (tools, methods….) to enhance, develop and mobilize flexible competencies acquired through informal learning. COMINN aims to adapt and transfer these materials from the classroom to the enterprises of the metal sector.

Specifically, COMINN intends to develop, adapt and validate a training itinerary and didactic materials, which allows to qualify middle managers and responsible of metal SMEs for the valorisation, development and mobilization of competencies linked to innovation.

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