CREATEskills – Social Learning for STEM in Primary Education

Focused on the fact that, to be more in line with the social and economic demands of the 21st century, schools must promote, not only the acquisition of 21st century skills, but also need to generate a more skilled workforce, CREATEskills aims at developing and implementing innovative teaching and learning practices, tools and methodologies in European primary schools. The goal is to establish STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Studio Classrooms which will contribute to the attractiveness of STEM subjects.

CREATEskills will promote the acquisition of skills and competences; will innovate practices having in mind the digital era we live in; and will strengthen the profile of teaching professions. To accomplish this, the target in this project are: 1. primary school students (from 6 to 12 years old); primary school teachers; primary school students’ parents; and as well as the wider community (science related researchers and organizations).

CREATskills will develop, test and implement a:

IO1 – “Literature review and field research “Socially Learning STEM in Primary Education – Guidelines towards a common framework”

Solid and updated basis of knowledge about the state of play, real needs and future education related to STEM learning and the development of the 21st Century skills, at such an early age – primary level.

IO2 – Platform “STEM on the WEB”

“STEM on the WEB” will include 3 main features:

  • Online network for EU teachers – a “virtual teacher’s room” for sharing of materials, practices, experiences;
  • Virtual Library with relevant documents, research studies, articles and other sorts of information regarding STEM learning. Also, teachers will be able to upload/download teaching tools and materials;
  • Photo Gallery with home activities and DIY projects for children and family.

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IO3 – “Innovative STEM Methodology – Toolkit “Tools to Socially Learn STEM”

Toolkit & Teacher’s Guide and pilot-test within 4 primary school classes in all partner countries

Coordinated by Mentortec, the consortium integrates 7 other organisations from Portugal, Spain, Greece and Lithuania, namely: Universidade de Murcia; Science View Hellenic Association; UAB Mestis Baltic; Agrupamento de Escolas de Loureiro; Colégio Público Consolación; Chania Directorate of Primary Education; UAB Karalienes Mortos Mokykla

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