DC4Work – Work-based learning in a digital age – promoting digital competences for better employability and innovation

DC4Work project aims at transferring, adapting and applying the Digital Competence Framework for citizens (DigComp) to the context of European SME of the sectors of tourism and commerce. With this transference, the consortium expects to endow SME with skills and tools to:

•       Detect digital skills mismatches of employees

•       Face and deal with the challenges of a digitalized economy (WBL 4.0).

To accomplish this, partners will prepare a set of Open Educational Resources to be available to VET centers and professionals, including:

•       White paper „Learning in a digital age – a job-related approach” (O1)

•       DC4WORK- Guidelines “Digital competence promoter” in SMEs (O2)

•       Online Toolbox 4.0 (good practices/success stories, recommendations for SME, DigComp Framework for SME and handouts with useful background information) (O3)

The project is coordinated by IHK (DE) and has as partners as well BFI Tirol (AT), EfVET (BL), Mentortec (PT) and HAMK (FI).

For further information, please contact: