DualVET: Transfer of successful structures and guidance for implementing the DUAL VET system. Training company trainers.

Promotion of dual training is an essential goal in the framework of the European cooperation and with this project the partners also hope to contribute to get it by sensitizing society, Public Authorities and enterprises on the advantages that a vocational education and training system, as the dual one, may provide to our youth easy access to employment. The DualVET project, is a two years project, involving partners from Germany, Austria, Spain and Portugal which main focus is on the production of guides, handbooks and training to support the transfer of the Dual System from Germany and Austria to the automotive and tourism sectors of Spain and Portugal, namely:

  • Dual vet system: transfer of successful structures and guidance for implementing the dual VET system. training company trainers.
  • An introduction to the dual vet system. the secret behind the success of Germany and Austria;
  • Practical guide for companies to organise and conduct training on the dual VET system. special focus on tourism and automotive sectors;
  • Key questions and formal requirements for companies to successfully implement dual training;
  • Training company trainers on transversal skills – practical guide.

The main results of DualVET are available in English and in Portuguese, as follows:


For further informations, please contact:

www.dualvet.eu | marta.pinto@mentortec.eu | andreia.monteiro@mentortec.eu