GrowINg – SME’s Growth and Innovation through Learning at the Workplace


GrowINg project aims at designing, testing and validate a strategy for Career Guidance in SMEs, integrating practices to promote adult education at the workplace and strengthen employees’ entrepreneurial skills.

Having as target groups managers & human resources managers of SMEs, business associations, representatives of employees, the tools & resources to be structured by GrowINg includes a:

  • Framework for Learning at the Workplace
  • Entrepreneurial Tools for SMEs
  • Capacity Building programme for Entrepreneurial SMEs
  • White paper: Career Guidance and Capacity Building in SMEs

GroWIng is a 2-years project cofounded by the European Commission, gathering six partners from Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Italy with experience and expertise in the fields of:

  • Career Guidance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Assessment of competences
  • Adult learning at the workplace

For further Information about the project, please check the website, the LinkedIn page or contact Andreia Monteiro |