Survey – Intergenerational learning on the workplace

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How can a successful collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and experience between younger and older employees be supported proactively? Which are good existing approaches to this issue?

The “Wings4Success – Work Based Intergenerational Learning in SME a Key Factor for Success” is an European initiative promoted under the programme Erasmus+, which aims to contribute to the sharing of knowledge and learning between generations in entrepreneurial context.

In detail, during the project partners will design and prepare training modules to support the intergenerational learning in the entrepreneurial context, a consultancy model and recommendations to be implemented in the SMEs and to identify a qualified facilitator to implement those recommendations as well.

All these supports will allow the development of competences of theses facilitators (internal employees) in the implementation, monitoring and assessment of different initiatives related to the intergenerational learning defined and promoted by the companies.

Thus, together with you as a practitioner, we would like to engage in a conversation about the significance of intergenerational thinking and acting in your company, and we would like to ask for your support in the present survey.

The completion of the survey requires no more than 10 minutes of your time. Your answers will be treated confidentially, and they will be used by the internal project team only.

In case of any doubt or question do not hesitate in contacting us by e-mail:

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