Mentoring and Coaching of young entrepreneurs

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MentorTec integrates, since 2013, the largest Portuguese Network of “Mentoring and Coaching of young entrepreneurs”!

The “Rede Nacional de Mentores” (National Mentors Network) is and initiative from the Portuguese Strategic Programme on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (+E+I) managed by the Portuguese National Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (IAPMEI) that aims to nurture and stimulate the networking between experienced professionals with a recognized professional track record (acting as mentors) and young entrepreneurs that are developing their business ideas and projects.

Since the beginning of this initiative in January 2013, MentorTec has some of its senior staff as members of the mentor’s network and has been involved in over 25 mentoring relationships, supporting entrepreneurs defining and maturing their business ideas or entrepreneurial project. The methodology applied by these mentors has been defined by MentorTec and uses concepts and methods inspired in the lean start up approach: continuous innovation involving experimentation, learning and assessment.

Further information about this initiative can be found here: (available in Portuguese).

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