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YOUnique4Europe – Project has just been kicked off

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Focusing on soft skills, we support students in vocational education and training (VET) to find out what it means to be unique. “We” is composed of a team of actors in the field of VET from north to south of Europe with expertise in talent management and training.


Why soft skills?

Soft skills, namely social and personal competences, are what sustainably distinguish us from machines and artificial intelligence and make us unique as human beings. Several studies show that “Future Hot Skills” such as empathy, creativity and complex problem solving are highly demanded on the labour market (OECD 2016: Skills for a Digital World).



VET learners often miss the capacity to reflect on their already existing personal and social competences gained mostly from informal and non-formal learning settings. The YOUnique project team wants to teach VET learners on how to map their social and personal capacities and illustrate those in the application process for a job or internship. They will be equipped with tools to identify a strategy on how to meet the companies’ needs and expectations, be aware of what soft skills to present and how to communicate those convincingly as part of their entire set of talents.


Apart from that we will provide a “Talent management 4.0″ handbook to VET staff with necessary know-how on modern recruitment strategies to accommodate the application trends of young people.


We have only just begun! Join us on our way to get more students find out about what makes them unique on Facebook #younique4eu and our website:!

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