MENTEE: MEntoring, Networking and Training for European Entrepreneurs

MENTEE aims to support wanna-be and new entrepreneurs across Europe (including those who where involved in EYE – Young Entrepreneurs Program), providing them practical entrepreneurial experiences and know-how, together with entrepreneurial models to follow, inspiration and informal competences that could be ensured by the constant connection created with mentors/experienced entrepreneurs.

This 2 period project involves 7 partners from 5 countries, including Poland, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom and Portugal, represented by Mentortec and will have as main outcomes:

  • Methodology and instruments to support the MENTEE circles, specifically designed to support entrepreneurs/mentees in face-to-face sessions merged with sessions at distance;
  • Platform of networking to promote the contact, communication and interaction between entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-mentors and which will provide specific training to entrepreneurs as well.

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