SafeSchool – Promoting students’ engagement in the prevention of bullying in schools

Considering that all partners countries’ have relevant issues with bullying experiences in school, and that bullying is now known to be a major factor leading to lack of self-esteem, under achievement, nonattendance and drop out from school, the project SafeSchool aims at strengthening teachers skills, knowledge and competences in working with this phenomenon, contributing to an improved and safe school environment, a climate of friendship and cooperation among peers, which will in turn, conduct to further social and professional inclusion of all.

Also, SafeSchool ensure that the target public will, indeed, have access to the tools created: SafeSchool designed and implemented improved anti-bullying programs in schools in 4 EU countries, reaching directly 64 teachers and school staff.

To achieve the goals proposed, SafeSchool project had direct action in 64 teachers and school staff and other 270 educators, parents, decision-makers, psychologists, pupils and youth workers.

Safeschool developed:

·         A Best Practices Compendium & OER (open education resource) pack – available here;

·        Online training course addressed to teachers and professionals in the field of education comprising methods and techniques to solve situations of bullying

– Module 1 – Social and emotional learnings (SEL)
– Module 2 – Supportive classroom environment
– Module 3 – Peer training for teachers and school staff
– Module 4 – Creation of students support groups in schools guided by a peer leader
– Module 5 – Creation of school-family bridges
– Module 6 – Developing sessions for reflection activities in schools
– Module 7 – Review of school’s policies and procedures related to bullying
– Module 8 – Creation of a non-formal and informal environment in the school in order to strengthen cohesion among peers

·         A Bullying Multimedia Support Kit – a set of multimedia materials and tools to be used by school managers, counselors, teachers and trainers to raise the awareness of pupils to the negative impact of bullying in individuals and school community.

Module 1
Infographics reflecting how social emotional learning is an ideal method to be integrated in the school curriculum for the benefits of teachers, pupils and all actors involved:

For students
For teachers

Module 2
Short movie “Blue and the ash tree” symbolizing anti-bullying messages addressed to all these who experience situations of exclusion. Valuable tool that can be uses by teachers, parents, pupils.

Module 4
Short movie about how to identify, combat and prevent bullying problems.

Module 5
Booklet with activities for/with/about students, teachers and parents focusing on how to create school family bridges

Module 6
Step by step do it yourself reflection activities for teachers, pupils, professionals in the field of education.

Module 7
Booklet – An interactive way to identify best approaches policies and procedures to contrast bullying in schools

Module 8
Anti-bullying boardgame – Tool that can be used by teachers, pupils, children, parents and professionals in the field of education (Game played by kids from 7 to 12 years old)

Fundatia IKAROS (RO) is the coordinator of a partnership integrating 5 other partners: Confederacion Espanola de Centros de Ensenanza Asociacion C.E.C.E.; MentorTec – Serviços de Apoio a Projetos Tecnológicos, S.A.; E.R.I.F.O. – Vocational Educational Training; BUECON – Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo; Scoal Gimnaziala, nº79.

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