New companies and organisations

Created in 2006, Mentortec is the result of the expansion, development, and market diversification strategy of its parent company, INOVA+. Our experience in applying for national and European programmes, as well as supporting the implementation and coordination of national and European projects, strengthens Mentortec’s ability to provide high-performance incubation and acceleration services. We promote digital entrepreneurship, with a vast portfolio of advised start-ups and countless success stories.

We are a national leader in innovation consultancy, incubation – physical and virtual – and support for the growth of new projects, with consultancy services in several areas. We have already supported the creation and development of more than 30 new companies and organisations, from start-ups to international institutions, such as the ESNA – European Startup Nation Alliance, a community body based in Lisbon.

We are also a benchmark in training management as an organisation certified by DGERT, and in lifelong education and training, being among the national organisations with the highest number of projects in the ERASMUS+ community initiative.


Pedro Castro | Administrator

Sofia Araújo | Chief Operating Officer

Why Mentortec?

We are a training provider in the areas of education and training certified by the Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations (DGERT). As a training provider, we have renowned experience in providing training services, working in the different stages of the training cycle:

Certificate no. 2598/2016, available for consultation at

What set us apart?


Our team has multidisciplinary expertise in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, support for the creation of technology-based companies, training, and sources of public and private funding.


We are part of several European networks, developed since its creation, which bring together higher education institutions, centres of research and excellence, as well as investors, mentors, and companies.


Through the EIC Accelerator programme, we provide personalised mentoring to start-ups with disruptive ideas, the so-called “deep techs”, with the strategic aim of increasing the exposure of technology-based start-ups to competitive international systems.