International Cooperation

Mentortec is an organisation specialised in project management and consultancy in European programmes. Its mission is to contribute to Education and Training without borders by promoting and participating in Education, Training, and Lifelong Learning networks and projects.

With extensive experience in coordinating and managing projects in different international programmes, we boost our clients’ success through professional support in writing, assembling, and submitting competitive international applications.

With a vast portfolio in International Cooperation, we highlight our work in the ERASMUS+ Programme, which is a European Union initiative aimed at strengthening education, training, youth, and sports throughout Europe. It offers opportunities for mobility and collaboration in different areas, including higher education, vocational education and training, school education, adult education, youth initiatives, and sports. The Erasmus+ programme also includes “Jean Monnet” activities that promote teaching, learning, research, and debate on topics related to European integration. The programme’s objective is achieved through three key actions:


Facilitating the mobility of individuals for learning purposes


Promoting collaboration between
different organisations and institutions


Providing support for the development
of cooperation policies and initiatives

Global Services

Providing services across four areas makes Mentortec the right business partner when it comes to business growth and development. We provide all our clients with services in the areas of Human Resources, Technological Information, Finance, and Legal.

In Human Resources, we provide support in coordinating personnel processes in career management and operational HR management, recruiting new talent, and administrative management.

In Finance, we give support to invoicing and receipts, as well as closing accounts and preparing information for external audits.

As a legal service provider, we advise on tasks related to public procurement procedures, issuing legal opinions, and information to support decision-making.


Nowadays, the concept of a start-up is a classification given to a company that is in a state of development and seeking to validate an innovative product or service, with a replicable and scalable business model, which often depends on investment.

The integration of start-ups into an incubator promotes contact between the several companies already there, offering a wide range of solutions and enriching knowledge sharing between entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors, and this synergy is beneficial to the development of the project.

In Mentortec’s business incubator, companies are provided with conditions during their first few years of life that make it easier to deepen their knowledge in areas such as financial and human resources management, legal and marketing issues and, in addition, they have access to a network of various partners from the national scientific and technological system.

Mentortec provides support during the start-up phase of new innovative and/or technology-based business projects, as well as advanced services. We also support new projects that arise from spin-offs from R&D projects, from the business, academic and scientific world, and start-ups that have a strong link to the university environment, whether through students, teachers, or research projects, as well as projects from the private sector and R&D in consortium with various sectors such as health, industry, and others.

Training for Companies

At Mentortec, we believe that training is the basis for the growth of any company and any business. As such, we invest in this service so that we can support the growth of everyone who works with us. The service we offer in training, which we believe is the right step towards attributing value, consists of three stages of action:


In a phase of interaction with Mentortec, we will carry out a diagnostic assessment to understand the main training needs.

Action Plan

After analysing the results, we’ll draw up a personalised, tailor-made plan according to the needs previously identified.


The implementation of the training plans will be properly monitored by our team, which will provide support as soon as necessary.

Business Acceleration

Mentortec, as an accelerator for innovation, new businesses, and start-ups that want to develop solutions and business models with a strong digital character, offers high value solutions in a differentiated way and with the support of organisations that belong to European networks, such as:


1. Training actions in different areas such as digital entrepreneurship


Implementation of bootcamps and acceleration programmes


Personalized Coaching


Business incubation and support services


Customised training


Support in the definition business models


Development of MVPs and Pilots


Preparation of Business Plans


Marketing plans and market approach


Support in access to public and private capital

At the moment, we still have two active ways available for implementing business acceleration:

1. The “Mentortec Accelerator” project, whose main target are start-ups at an intermediate level of technological maturity (TRL between 4-5 and 6-7) with the aim of making them grow by enabling them to enter the market through a specific and dedicated programme. One of the main pillars of this project is the development of ignition and acceleration programmes in partnership with higher education institutions, incubators, companies, and groups of national and international investors.

2. Our in-house technology-based acceleration model includes the different stages of the start-up life cycle. From the business idea to market implementation, we have competent and highly qualified resources that evaluate the level of maturity of start-ups and place them in 3 major programmes: TestBeds, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) and European Innovation ConcilAccelerator (EIC).